Are you aware of internet risks for your kids during this era of online schools?

Ever since the pandemic strike we are all dependent on the internet for various work reasons and entertainment purposes as well. Everything we do needs the use of the internet and now it is the same case with kids. Previously children/kids spend long hours at school playing and learning in a safe educational atmosphere but now they are in high risk of being exposed to dangers such as malware threats and adult content on the internet. So, is there any way to continue studies for the kids by stopping the use of the internet? The answer is no! So how do you protect your kids from such enormous dangers! 

Malware Threats: Malware is a kind of computer program that is installed without the victim’s knowledge. For example, one might download a game that is in malware in reality and this will lead it to perform malicious acts on the computer. This involves stealing confidential information from your computer or hijacking it for use on a network of computers. But there is a way to protect your kids from these malware threats. All-inclusive, cross-device cybersecurity tools, and associated security protections can help protect your child’s computer from malicious software.

Adult content on the internet: The schools now use many different ways to teach children and kids including showing them videos online as a means of teaching as they are not being able to have a face-to-face conversation and be with the students in one place. But because of the wide range of inappropriate adult material available on YouTube, seemingly harmless teaching practices like using it can expose children to unforeseen risks. Moreover, it is not possible for parents or guardians to be with their children at all times to see what exactly their kids are watching. So, it is very important to use Youtube Kids which will require the parents to be informed at all times, also children can be kept away from adult content, videos related to violence, and suicidal themes. 

Use parental controls if necessary: You can apply parental controls to user profiles in Windows and Mac OS X. Time limits, website limitations, and the ability to monitor which applications to be accessed are only a few examples. You can also purchase parental control applications such as Net Nanny, which comes in Windows and Mac versions. You can also install antivirus apps such as BitDefender or Norton to secure your user. These little precautions can really save your kids from something very dangerous. You can as well do something simple like placing the home computer or your kid’s computer in front of you somewhere in the house so that it is easy to keep an eye on him/her.

Social media risks: Using the internet for the sake of online classes can lead your children to be interested in different social media as well. They might want to open their accounts and not be aware of how to use them safely such as: cyberbullying, cyberstalking, or revealing too much information or private information can lead to serious problems. Children can sadly end up meeting pedophiles online and won’t have any clue. Teach your children how to use social media platforms responsibly. Kids can use sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok to post images and videos of themselves, as well as converse with friends and strangers. And if your children share something with their mates, it is likely that it will fall into the wrong hands. In general, they can just share things online by letting you know and if they are okay with the whole world seeing it.

Assure your kids: Encourage your children to get help from you if they have a concern. You’ll want your kid to run to you rather than hide if he or she gets into trouble online. Keep in mind that even though your children are following all of the rules of how to use the internet and what to click they still can meet with some issues, they might come across a dangerous website by mistake. They should be aware that you are there to help them out and not scold them instead. Using the internet can be very new to some children and kids especially for those who met with the internet since they began online classes. So, it is necessary to be there and help them out if they even face a small difficulty.

In conclusion, in this era of online schools limiting the use of the internet for your children or kids is not an easy job but educating your kids and introducing them to internet safety is essential even if you think that your child is too young to get engaged in such communications because reality is harsh and it is very important for you to prepare them for the real world from now! 


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