Facebook age limit should be raised

Facebook is one of the most famous and widely used social media platforms in the world. Currently, 1.69 billion people are using Facebook all around the world from 2015 to 2020! A large population of these statistics is under-aged teenage people. For these young people, the online world can cause many risks, especially cyber-bullying. In order to protect children, the major social media sites have age limits to prevent accounts from being generated by those underages. Facebook and Instagram sites also require users to be at least 13 years old before they can open an account, and this age requirement could be higher in some jurisdictions. Facebook and Instagram sites require users to be at least 13 years old before they can open an account, and this age requirement could be higher in some jurisdictions. But many young kids are opening their social media accounts with wrong information. It is a breach of the terms of Facebook, including accounts registered for anyone under 13, to build a Facebook account with false data. 

It is estimated that 7.5 million children under the age of 13 have Facebook accounts. They do this by lying about their age, even with complete parental awareness! Recently, In Bangladesh we have heard much news of different “Kishor Gangs” and they are involved in various criminal activities! They have a secret messenger group on Facebook where they plan everything. Their ages are between 12 to 17! It is a very alarming issue for our society and there is an influence of social media sites in this type of occurrence.  For younger children, social networking platforms are dangerous, potentially exposing them to bullying, offensive content, or grooming. A huge portion of the young audience has been attracted by new social networks. For example, according to The New York Times, more than a third of the 49 million users of Tik Tok, a video-sharing social networking site, are 14 or younger.4 The minimum age for using Tik Tok is 13, like Facebook! 

But, this age limit should be raised! For any human being, ages 12 to 18 are a very vulnerable and critical stage since this is the time in which individuals do not recognize what is right or wrong for themselves. For these teens, social media may be a negative influence. The main victims of cybercrime and online bullying are young teenagers, especially young teenage girls. So, the age limit should be raised at 16 so that we could protect our children from the negativity and social media addictions. If you’d like to report an account belonging to someone under 13, please fill out this form: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/209046679279097.  Remember that Facebook will delete the account of any child under the age of 13 reported to them through this form promptly.

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ট্র্যাকিং কি এবং এটি কীভাবে ঘটে?ট্র্যাকিং কি এবং এটি কীভাবে ঘটে?

ট্র্যাকিং কি? এটি মূলত একটি  প্রক্রিয়া যার মাধ্যমে কোনও ওয়েবসাইট বা সংস্থা আপনার ভিসিট  করা ওয়েব পেইজগুলো সার্চ  করে, আপনার পারফর্মগুলো সার্চ করে তাদের পরিষেবাগুলিতে উন্নতি করতে, অ্যাডভার্টাইজমেন্ট চালাতে বা

ভিপিএন ব্যবহার করা কতটুকু নিরাপদ?ভিপিএন ব্যবহার করা কতটুকু নিরাপদ?

সাম্প্রতিককালে সারাদেশ জুড়ে যখন ফেইসবুক ডাউন হয়ে গেল তখন অনেকেই ভিপিএন এর মাধ্যমে ইন্টারনেট ইউজ করেছে। কিন্তু প্রশ্ন হল এই সকল ফ্রী ভিপিএন নিরাপদ কিনা? বেশিরভাগ ক্ষেত্রেই এসকল ফ্রী ভিপিএন